Mercury Road Media is a creative production company with a mission to inspire compassion, primarily through female driven stories.

We believe in ethical, inclusive entertainment that breaks traditional Hollywood stereotypes.

We believe in on-set community building and fostering a nurturing, respectful environment during all phases of production.

We utilize cinematic principals in all aspects of our work, implementing high quality concepts, visuals and audio into digital video.

We practice sustainability on set to create content without creating waste.

We are interested in telling the stories that have gone untold.

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Kendall Watkins, Jenny Joslin and Annette Mia Flores met slinging egg rolls in the Texas college town where they were theatre majors. After relocating to New York and being dismayed by the representations of women in scripts they started making socially conscious videos. Disney Princesses for Equal Pay went viral and was featured in Jezebel, Huffington Post, CNNMoney , MSNBC and more. Since then they’ve continued to fight the patriarchy with bold, imaginative and female centric media. #MeToo The Musical, their latest and most personal viral video, won Best Film at the 2017 Slim Cinema Film Festival.  With over a 100,000 views and counting this cathartic work is reaching out for change.

Meet our Technical Director Chase McDaniel.